Thursday, 25 July 2013

WIP: Mini Station 2

So my last 2 weeks have been a bit crazy and have had not much time to work of the last piece. I spent 20 mins looking at it again tonight, and will continue to add to it until it looks like its supposed to! On the roof of a covered area on the platform I attempted a bit of texturing however I may remove this and continue with the solid colour shading. My next step is to finish the base of the other buildings and a foot bridge. Then I will add the decals and little details - a large clock, horn speakers and arrivals/departure boards. I added a flowery meadow behind as I think this is going to be a small station in the country. I may change my mind and turn that into a car park eventually though, depends what mood I'm in! I'm about to go to Thailand for a week, so I'm hoping for some sandy beach inspiration for another piece.

Whilst away from my laptop, I use a program on my iPad called 'Make Pixel Art'. I have used this app to make the station. It's limited, but it's a nice quick tool when you're on the go. In fact it feels quicker to use the pencil tool with a touch screen. Worth trying it out for small work.

DOTA2 has just become active on my Steam account so I'll be playing that tonight for a bit, and then when I return from holiday so I may write about that next time since it is now out of Beta. - oP

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