Sunday, 25 August 2013

WIP: Pixel Office

So I was inspired by the current Ludum Dare theme "Ten Seconds" to produce my own entry. However as I am currently out of practice with my coding I decided to start producing assets for a future attempt to utilise this theme. 

My idea was based on having ten seconds to save the world. This would involve moving your player to a bomb and simply reaching it to disable it. It sounds easy, but I plan on this being a very frustrating game experience! There would be lots of obstacles in the way, some dealing damage, some with an annoying knock-back effect, some killing you or a combination of those. I only planned on making an environment which I would use to fine tune the gameplay before designing more. I also wanted to make almost everything in the office destructible and adding another game mode which challenges you to destroy as much of the environment as you can in ten seconds.

With enough game modes and multiplayer added, this could be a fun 'party-game' to pass a little time here and there. Hopefully I will make it! It's a nice simple idea to get me back into the swing of coding anyway. Here's a mock up of part of the level. - oP

Saturday, 3 August 2013

'Casual' Gaming

Recently I've had the urge to play the new Animal Crossing game ... Now perhaps some people would ridicule me for this, but I have validated my urge by knowing of others of a similar age (and who are also men) who enjoy this.

I have yet to buy it but whilst I thought of all the features and what the bulk of the gameplay involved, it dawned on me that it resembles perhaps a more fine-tuned version of what we now call 'casual' games. By this I mean, mobile, browser based games - a typical example being FarmVille. 

Now before I jump to a conclusion, I need to finish my holiday and buy the game! Once I'm home I will play it and give my honest opinion based on the fact that I currently dislike these types of games. In fact I hate these 'free-to-play' games that somehow manage to populate the top ten of the 'highest grossing apps' list. I don't think that Animal Crossing fits this model at all, although there may be DLC and other in game purchases I have yet to notice (although again I doubt ignoring any DLC does anything to detract from your enjoyment of the game).

This will be discussed further soon! More Art to come too! - oP