Saturday, 3 August 2013

'Casual' Gaming

Recently I've had the urge to play the new Animal Crossing game ... Now perhaps some people would ridicule me for this, but I have validated my urge by knowing of others of a similar age (and who are also men) who enjoy this.

I have yet to buy it but whilst I thought of all the features and what the bulk of the gameplay involved, it dawned on me that it resembles perhaps a more fine-tuned version of what we now call 'casual' games. By this I mean, mobile, browser based games - a typical example being FarmVille. 

Now before I jump to a conclusion, I need to finish my holiday and buy the game! Once I'm home I will play it and give my honest opinion based on the fact that I currently dislike these types of games. In fact I hate these 'free-to-play' games that somehow manage to populate the top ten of the 'highest grossing apps' list. I don't think that Animal Crossing fits this model at all, although there may be DLC and other in game purchases I have yet to notice (although again I doubt ignoring any DLC does anything to detract from your enjoyment of the game).

This will be discussed further soon! More Art to come too! - oP

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