Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Updated: An Interesting Blog

Just a quick plug of my girlfriend's blog who's logo I have made. Lifestyle, media, fashion and other stuff. Go have a look. - oP

WIP: Wizard Avatar

I've felt like updating my avatars for a while and for some reason had the urge to present myself an older, wiser version of myself.... oh and also I want to be a wizard... 

So here is a current piece, obviously unfinished - a wizard, mid battle with an as-of-yet undeclared enemy... also posing on an as-of-yet undeclared object (possibly the corpse of a dungeon creature).

I have used a number of layers to get background and foreground lighting right in relation to the spell being cast but there is still a lot of work to do to it. I'm considering removing the arc of magic from between the hands, and depict the left hand clutching a book of spells... We shall see! - oP