Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 1

As I have made some progress I thought I would post the first devlog of my mobile project: Dungeon Burglars.

This game involves defending your dungeon and treasure against would-be burglars of varying types. It has a simplistic pixel art style and is designed to be a 'quick to play - easy to lose' game involving frustrating, yet enjoyable gameplay. Burglars will attack in progressively faster and more numerous waves with occasional random bonus rounds. Burglars will vary in type and some will be resistant or immune to certain traps. Traps will be bought and placed by the player to defend your dungeon. Once all your treasure has been taken you lose the game. This means your 'health' is also your in game currency, so an element of strategy is needed.

This video shows a demonstration of the 7 traps used to stop burglars from stealing your treasure. The numbers at the top of the screen show the total treasure, and the highest total treasure (score). These burglars add 10 treasure to your total when killed, but when they get to the right hand side they return to the entrance with 100 pieces of your treasure. Burglars that are killed before they escape will drop the treasure stolen and it will return to your total. The numbers you can see upon clicking the trap to activate it is the cool-down before you can use it again.

This video primarily shows the activation of traps. All art is subject to change, and assets and numerical feedback is temporary so I can see that it's working. Multiple animated burglars (which you can see in the last still image I posted) and trap animation to be added.

So here is basically what's been done so far in the last week:
  • Pixel art for the burglar and trap on/off assets, as well as the background
  • Walking and death animation for one burglar type
  • Burglar collisions and duration damage/effects with all 7 current traps

Decisions that I need to make now are:
  • Length of waves (the game is supposed to be fairly fast and quick to play)
  • Treasure 'return' system. Does treasure return to your total upon death of a burglar, or at the end of the wave? (the latter would make it more challenging which is what I think I'd prefer)

My next devlog won't be this lengthy! Any feedback is welcome! Next time I may talk about a sort of 'accompanying' text based dungeon adventure idea which came to me yesterday - with an emphasis on social/community interaction. Maybe! -oP

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