Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Mobile Project (Title TBC)

I had an idea a while back for a non-digital dungeon themed game, however this week I transformed the concept into a mobile game. Here is the first mock up of the level design. There is minimal GUI as I haven't decided exactly how to lay out the rest of it. It's a very simplistic pixel art style, with fast gameplay for short sittings. I hope to have an underlying theme of humour represented in the death animations and SFX.

What is shown is the 'health' bars for the enemies, and for the player (treasure represents your currency, score and also health). These bars will be swapped with a more elegant representation of their respective stat (pile of gold that shrinks etc). The dungeon corridor is the basic arena of play (who designed this dungeon, jeez?), and shown here are examples of enemies (burglars) and the traps you can use to damage, hinder, and ultimately kill them with (trap door, spikes, saw blade, fire, poison cloud, slow crushing ceiling and acid). I won't go into any more detail gameplay wise until I have a basic working tech demo. Also there's no title as of yet.

I know this is all very vague so I hope to get a more polished draft done this week which will put things into context. I already have my own criticisms including how even and clean the brickwork is and I most likely will change this. Comments are welcome. -oP

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