Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 2

For this update I decided that I needed to have the basis of my trap placement system done. There is currently 9 'slots' for traps to be positioned in. My reasoning behind this is that because it's pixel art, when I come to re-design it for older iOS screens I want to simply crop the existing view, move the doors inwards and have the same amount of space for traps. Therefore 9 slots is the optimum. I will admit that this process is trial and error and I haven't ever produced an iOS game so there are bound to be more snags along the way, especially as I am using pixel art. I may need to rethink the size of buttons and traps as whilst watching this video on my phone, it seemed that perhaps the buttons were too small for an average finger! However, I am just happy that I got something working!

This video shows purchasing traps and placing them. Free 'slots' will be highlighted in green when a trap has been selected. Used slots are simple not highlighted. If there is insufficient funds then the free slots will flash red before cancelling the purchase.

So here is basically what's been done so far in the last week:
  • Purchase buttons for each trap
  • 'Slot's made to place traps
Next on the agenda:
  • Make a button to remove a trap and recover half of the cost
  • Polish up cool-down, treasure total and create a 'health bar' for the burglar wave

Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for reading! -oP

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