Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 3

Time for the next update, and I've made some big progress (well in my eyes at least) with the GUI and some minor polish.

So the first big change is the x2 zoom. I felt that the original view was too small with too much black, wasted space. This means that in order to view the entire dungeon you must now scroll left and right. I'm hoping that this will add an additional level of frustration and panic as you wildly fling back and forth to catch the burglars. There is also 11 slots for traps to be placed in (as opposed to the original 9) and traps can now be sold to free up a slot.

The GUI is now restricted to the bottom of the screen, with the exception of the purchase menu which pops down and automatically closes when a trap is selected. After the required amount of burglars have been killed the level 'Complete' screen will pop up indicating the amount of kills, recovered treasure (from dead burglars who managed to reach the treasure), the final total and the current best score.

The temporary numerical cool-down indicator has been replaced with a more appropriate clock-style timer, which despite being a minor change, has made a difference to the overall polish. The majority of the menu and buttons now have a red colour scheme to set them apart from the greys of the background. With regards to the overall aesthetic, I will most likely decide to revisit the dungeon background and add decals and other elements to make it look more interesting.

Next on the agenda:

  • Polish trap animations
  • Animate status-effects on current burglar (replace existing particle effect)
  • Begin to animate the other 4 burglars

Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for reading! -oP