Thursday, 29 May 2014

Getting Back Into 'Let's Play'

So over the last month or two I've been thinking about my 'dabbling' in 'Let's Plays' back in 2012, and I have decided to give it a go again. I plan on uploading at least two videos a week and have begun recording two games. I don't want to saturate youtube with what is already a saturated LP environment, so I will upload things when I am happy and not ASAP. Also I'm not planning on doing any AAA new games for now; my focus is on introducing people to older games of my childhood. I have titled these 'series' as 'revisited' games, and I hope that people find some enjoyment in seeing what I used to play as a kid. Below are the first parts of both games to kick things off. If you have feedback please contact me. -oP

Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 5

So here's a bigger update to my free mobile game in development! If you are new to this then please check out the previous devlogs if you're interested. In short this game is a free quick-to-play mobile game for when you're bored on a commute. You must protect your dungeon and treasure from pesky burglars using traps which you must buy and place. Treasure is therefore your currency and also your 'health'. When you run out of treasure, you lose. This game is all about being frustrated and beating that high score. There will be a set number of levels, so it's possible to win but the high score is the important factor!

So what have I accomplished? Well I have also completed all movement, status effect and death ('fainting') animations and have done some initial balancing; I am quite happy with what I have so far. Thats the short of it, but the video really shows my progress. This time I have made a video with commentary showing off all the burglars and how each trap affects them. Please have a look!

Next on the agenda:

  • Audio!
  • Build the first few levels
  • Make extra death animations based on what trap dealt the killing blow

Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for reading! -oP

Monday, 12 May 2014

Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 4

Hey so this update is a small but significant one in terms of early 'polishing'. I have made animations for the 7 traps and status effects, all of which are simple and pixelly just as nature intended. I am happy with the way it looks at the minute but I need to make progress on the animation of the other burglars and working on the level design (that term may not seem appropriate for this game but I consider the 'design' of each level to be all about balancing and stats). Once I have finished the other enemies I can begin to iron out any balancing kinks and see how the game will actually play - and then I can consider any drastic changes. Fingers crossed it'll turn out the way I hope! See the video for the animations.

Next on the agenda:

  • The other burglars!

Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for reading! -oP