Thursday, 31 July 2014

Early Access First Impressions: 'Aegis Defenders'

'Early Access First Impressions' is just that, first impressions. This is not a review, and is heavily opinionated.

I came across a Kickstarter this morning which I was compelled to write about. Aegis Defenders is 2D platformer, that also takes on board some tower defence elements. It's initial release will be on Mac/PC however other platforms will open up as stretch goals are reached.

Lost civilisations and ancient technology is always a tasty hook for me, but the first thing that grabbed my attention in the video was the Ghibli 'Nausicaa' vibe (one of my favourite animations). The Valley of the Wind inspiration is also apparent in the game's theme:

You play as a pair of Ruinhunters searching for the one thing that can save their village - a legendary weapon known as Aegis.

The player can control both 'Ruinhunters' throughout the level, utilising their different skills for both puzzle-solving and combat strategy. Micromanagement is necessary, as each character will only perform one 'passive' ability when not active. There is a stretch goal of local co-op, but I'd love to see some online support.

I'm a sucker for pixels too, and there's pixel a-plenty here, complete with a gorgeous colour palette and cute animations. Awesome audio design has been promised, as the team behind Towerfall: Ascension are on board to collaborate.

Overall, the project looks pretty strong with funding of $24,000; with 3 days to go I can't see how this could fail to reach it's target of $65,000. The Kickstarter itself is very well put together with simple stretch goals and ton of content. I don't have a load to say about this as the Kickstarter speaks for itself! Please go check it out! -oP

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