Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Bit of Minor Self-Indulgence

I've been fairly quiet of late on the old bloggerooni, youtoobs and the tweeters due to my life going through some changes. I'm not only morphing into apparently an illiterate moron (refer to the first sentence for evidence), but I'm also moving house and attempting to switch careers whilst also closing the physical distance between myself and the missus. Along with it being festival season (which is work for me) I've unfortunately had plenty of excuses for not keeping up with my videos, pixel art, blogging and whatever other drivel I insist on forcing upon you; I have made massive leaps with my mobile game Dungeon Burglars however. I'm currently testing it on the latest and last generation of iPhones, and I'm hoping after a few minor tweaks it will be ready for the masses. It will be free to play, with no micro-transactions and (hopefully) will be worth the download for the odd 5 minutes of play on the commute to work. There will be unobtrusive banner ads during select points of the game, which will not affect gameplay whatsoever (hey, I gotta at least try to break even and make my money back after paying the necessary development fees).

There's no real reason for this post except for giving people who are vaguely interested some 'behind-the-scenes', "oh my god what a scoop" related gossip. I'm not often this self-indulgent so forgive me for it! Work wise, I have been looking for something within the games industry since my decision to switch career last october. I am not a coder, and have no qualifications for design and development in this industry; I will refrain from quoting Liam Neesom - no need to tell you all about my special set of skills. In my spare time I have attempted to keep this blog going, working on my pixel art, start a mobile game (and actually have pretty much finished the bugger) and write multiple CV and cover letters convincing potential employers that my degree in media production and my work as an event production manager and sound engineer can somehow become relevant enough to warrant an interview. It's been tough.

I have always enjoyed writing and video games, and so combining the two makes perfect sense to me. This has spurred me to try writing different styles of article, from retrospective and current gaming culture, to critical analysis of crappy Kickstarter projects. I've not done as much as a lot of people, but I'd like to focus more time into it when I've sorted out moving house, and finding a job. I've applied for QA and testing jobs, associate producer at entry level, reporter, PR and marketing internships and even a design internship in Hamburg of all places. As I said, it's been tough. I'm not giving up, but I do need actual options. I also really don't want to leave London behind!

This has gotten a bit too personal; I'm writing everything my brain is telling me to without really thinking about it at this point! This unnecessary blog post is basically my reasoning behind briefly stopping video uploads and other things. In terms of video, I have experimented with a couple things including a weekly news video and more recently a group 'let's play' of a god-awful game in a similar vein to some of my favourite YouTubers: Retsupurae. I quite like the format so I may do some more. I have to work out a method of splitting hangouts audio and the game audio next time, as the game was pretty loud in places. That video is here.

Finally thoughts are, I really want to work in this industry and I won't stop until that happens. Until then, I will do everything I can to make up for my lack of relevant education and experience! Anyway, that's probably enough. There will be a post soon announcing Dungeon Burglars' release. I'm excited for it! My first ever completed game, I hope you guys will enjoy it - even for a few minutes! Thanks for taking the time to read this. - oP

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