Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 7

It's been another busy month of work for me, but I have found time to do a lot of work on the game. I have completed the 12 main levels and after some testing decided that it was a bit too easy (although I knew what was coming). I had a thought this weekend and quickly added 2 new 'support' burglars: The Cleric and the Sapper. Despite all the work I've done, this video is a short one showing off these new additions. Check it out!

Next on the agenda:

  • Music
  • Last SFX changes
  • Add boss 'The Bankrupt King'
  • Create endurance mode (99999 enemies)
  • Final graphics polish

Any feedback is welcome! What do you think of the new support classes? Thanks for reading! -oP

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