Saturday, 22 November 2014

Indies Vs PewdiePie Game Jam

EDIT: So I didn't manage to get this done and bug free, but I liked the concept and so at some point I will return to it. I was inspired by the likes of 100(1) Spikes and Spelunky, and I need to make the controls a lot more responsive for it to play like that. So one day Indica shall return!

Indica: Lair of the Manticore

You play as Ctesias, a scholar, physician and explorer of the stars who crash lands on an uncharted planet: Indica As your ship falls into the atmosphere and deep into a crevice, you lose all your research documents! Now you must find your way to the surface and recover your work as you go!

Gameplay involves basic platforming with a wall jump ability. You have a gun, but the main aim is to avoid the dangers of the caves. I've gone for a simple pixel art style (of course), but it differs from my usual stuff!

Coming soon/at some point/when I get round to it. -oP

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