Saturday, 6 December 2014

Transference Devlog #1

Reintroducing: Transference

So I briefly mentioned this game months and months ago, but I decided to put it on hold because I hadn't finalised the story plus I needed to focus on getting my first game Dungeon Burglars out the door (download HERE for FREE). My original idea involved platform game mechanics and a gimmicky 'energy transference' system which enabled you to control other objects. This was all supposed to result in a metroid-vania style game with puzzles and slightly weighty in story (but not too overkill on narrative).

Things change! I decided to go back to my original story and pick it apart, add other elements and flesh out the themes and narrative. I now have a draft outline of the new story, plenty of ideas for scenarios, content and dialogue. The most drastic, yet important change is that now the game is a point and click adventure! I realised that the imagery in my head had always appeared as an adventure game, and as the narrative definitely has some weight to it this time, I felt that this would be a more appropriate way to present the story. 

The art design is based on isometric pixel art: simple and retro, but with careful attention to detail in order to give weight to the atmosphere and maintain an engaging experience. Instead of my usual process of making a working prototype with placeholder graphics, I am making an entire prototype scene (not necessarily as it will appear in the final game) which will demonstrate exactly how I want it to play and look. Here's a screenshot which is in no way finished, but should give you an idea of the style I'm going for. I'm not revealing anything about the story yet except that you play as an robot/android (and no it's not Machinarium fan fiction, but I do want to create a similar sense of whimsy in my own style!). There are some overgrown roots of a plant coming through the window, a strange computer featuring a holographic screen with a sound wave displayed on it and the robot/android player.

I should also mention that I am making this for iOS, however if it was popular I would consider releasing it on android as I would only need to pay for the appropriate license. I was considering starting a Patreon based on the development of this game, for my writing and youtube but what are your thoughts? Those of you who already pledge to other Patreons, what makes you decide to do it? What kind of goals convince you to pledge, or does that even matter as long as content is being produced? 

All the art is subject to change, and comments and criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy following the progress of Transference! Please spread the word! -oP

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