Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Transference Devlog #2

I've added a few more elements to this mock-up and have already decided that it definitely won't feature in the final game. I've been analysing the world the story is set in and made some design decisions to add depth. The filing cabinet of paper for example has no place in this future! Trees were in short supply (at least before nature re-took the planet). Random elements of the story may be released during these devlogs but not enough to ruin it and hopefully enough to keep your interest.

Anyway, here is the same scene with more content, plus an example of the mouse cursor highlighting an object. Yes mouse cursor! I think I will plan ahead and aim to release this on desktop as well as iOS.

As Christmas is approaching, updates for this will slow down but I'm aiming to have something to show you next week and maybe the week after. Thanks for reading! -oP

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