Thursday, 18 December 2014

Transference Devlog #3

There's no new art this week, instead I have been researching lots into the setting and what the planet would be like in the future, and here are a few thoughts.

The game is set far into the unknown future, long after the technology and footprint of mankind ended around the year 4000. So I need to think about the art design, and how the future technology will allow for some interesting puzzle design. The change in technology over the last 50 years proves that sometimes all you need for an crazy idea to sell, is a good marketing campaign. I want to use this to my advantage when designing some assets in the story, in order to produce a memorable and quirky vision of the future.

Some of my inspiration comes from work such as Luc Besson's Fifth Element. The clothes, technology and the way society is portrayed is like a comic book and the attention to detail is awesome. The cigarettes for example look like they are 80% filter, 20% tobacco, and I'm intrigued to discover the backstory on why that is. Not that there has to be; sometimes it's good to get an understanding of the science behind something (or potential changes in the future), and then twist the facts into something else for the purpose of style. This is how I will be approaching my design, for example: if housing was in high demand over a small area of land, how would this be accomplished? Could an apartment block be built with multiple basement levels, the lower you get, the cheaper it is? Or could a city be multi layered, with cheaper slums on the bottom and the rich on the surface? Could the housing district be a big cube grid of 'pods' with slides (yes slides) to get down to the surface. I'm thinking playground slides rather than Futurama tubes (but I will definitely be re-watching a lot of that for inspiration too).

As well as how the tech will look, I will also need to imagine how nature and the elements would have changed in the year 4000 and how humanity had to alter their way of life and adapt. Plus in the distant future how would nature have retaken the planet after humanity has disappeared. I've found a few interesting theories and I may make use of all of them. For example, a new ice age could have resulted in the freezing of the oceans. What would be the consequences on humanity have been if they were still alive when this happened, and what other dramatic changes in the weather could be present. The population growth of the planet increased dramatically in the last century but it has begun to slow down; what would the population have been like in the year 4000 based on the planet possibly becoming a more volatile place. Would society be more diverse and tolerant, or would we have reached the peak of utopia and begun to spiral downhill into an archaic class system as resources became scarce. Would religion as we know it have a place in the future or would those ideals have been extinguished?

Class, religion and gender will all be themes in Transference, as well as nature, technology and artificial intelligence. I'm not attempting to predict the future accurately, but I do want to visualise the potential outcome of the human race, in a quirky and engaging way. I have already made a lot of decisions about this future planet but I would love to hear some ideas from you guys. Hopefully my story will intrigue you. This will most likely be the last devlog of the year as I am quite busy this christmas, but I should have a christmas post next week about the future of my website and youtube and possible patreon plans. Thanks for reading, and check out the link below! -oP

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