Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Added To Steam Greenlight

So the third part of the Five Nights at Freddy's is now on Steam Greenlight, and a teaser trailer can be watched below. FNAF was a minor phenomenon when it was released in august of 2014, and whether intentional or not, it captured the soul of the 'let's play' community for a brief time. It seemed to market itself, which was perfect for what I assume to be a very low budget production. I will disclose that I have not played any of these games yet, however I have watched enough of them to be able to have some sort of opinion. Being a seemingly short game with what seems like a limited replay value, I can understand why a sequel was released just 3 months later. Although it did seem strange that the release didn't capitalise on Halloween, being a horror game and all (although I know that it's classification as 'horror' is debated by some). I would guess that the developer didn't want to be smothered under larger studio's horror releases. So the timing of the first release was pretty a pretty smart move I would say, and after all: who isn't in the mood for horror all year round?

The second version of the game seemed to change the format just enough to get people interested again. Although it's pretty much the same thing, we could say the same about any major franchise such as Far Cry 4, which to me is little more than a re-skin of FC3 (harsh but fair I wold say). The way Scott Cawthon, the developer gets away with it, is by making it such a short, cheap game. I'm not trying to diminish his creative work at all, but the fact that this type of game has a very fast development cycle is perfect. Many hobbyists have recognised this as there are hundreds of fan games, and using limited assets you can recreate your own jump-scare-extravaganza. The love for this series won't last long and Scott knows this, and so it made sense to announce a third to capitalise while he can.

I've seen some hate for this series and a lot of love, although sometimes that's in the form of: *screams then laughs nervously* "haha. This game is dumb..." *keeps playing*. If the dev can pull it off and succeed in filling my YouTube recommended list with more thumbnails of not-so-cutesy animatronics and scare-cams, then hats off to you sir. Although I'm not really interested in playing it, I do enjoy watching certain people on YouTube shitting themselves. So thanks for that. All the creepy fan art though - um, you can have that back. -oP

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