Monday, 19 January 2015

Moonman - First Impressions

In a strange, nocturnal world a moonman is summoned by an ancient mollusc. It sends him to the seven farthest corners of the land to search for fallen moon fragments -- that will power a great star-machine.
This week I checked out the Kickstarter for Moonman, a procedurally generated 2D adventure game. In Moonman you must explore various different worlds looking for moon fragments so that you can turn a machine on or something. The Kickstarter doesn't focus on the lore, which is a good thing; in my opinion this can sometimes be an anti-retention trap that many failed campaigns fall into. Instead mechanics, environments and sprites galore are on display. Fans of Terraria and Starbound may appreciate the pixel art aesthetic and resource gathering and item crafting mechanics on offer. 

While Terraria and Starbound (currently) have a sandbox route of progression, Moonman has a set (albeit flexible) goal but still requires resource gathering and crafting along the way. Arguably one of the main engaging factors of open world sandbox experiences is that they allow you to write your own story, however I also find that this can be detrimental to some players. Without a clear goal, it can be difficult to focus and this can even stifle creativity (something I've experienced before in Minecraft). I enjoy a good sandbox to mess around in, and I think Moonman, whilst being visually similar to other games of this genre, looks like it will tick a box that others don't.

The Kickstarter itself is well written and concise, and shows a decent amount of content. The ratio of text to images is fairly balanced so I felt engaged whilst reading it all. I like pictures! It seems like a lot of work has already gone into the project before they decided to crowd-fund which in my opinion is the best way to encourage investors! There isn't a business-plan break down of where your money is going, but they do give you a rough idea of what it's for.

Much like the Kickstarter, I don't want to ramble on, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. All in all I like the look of the little green dude, plus I like this genre... Also hats, and a pig-face helps. Go check it out.-oP

Moonman Kickstarter
Moonman Website

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