Wednesday, 4 February 2015

First Impressions: Izzy's Revenge (Kickstarter)

Izzy's Revenge is a 2D platform game with beautiful hand drawn artwork - an aesthetic you don't see too often in games of this genre on Kickstarter. In fact I can imagine the artwork translating quite well into a steampunk point-and-click adventure. Yes I did say steampunk: "OMG take my money!" shouts everyone who likes steampunk (which is like, everyone isn't it?).

The story is set in the city of Steelbridge, named because, well there's a bridge made of steel in it. The city is governed by Sid (a big bad steampunk cyborg guy), who's influence of the other guild leaders ensures his control over industry and the economy. Whilst a world of airships may symbolise a world at the peak of it's industrial age, in reality Izzy's dad has made some cool blue light-sabery energy stuff that could tip the balance of power. The bad guys obviously don't quite agree with this, and have not only killed Izzy's father, but have also stolen all the cool light-sabery plans.

As the games title suggests, Izzy must fight her way to each guild boss and get vengeance for the death of her father. One of the main gameplay mechanics involves using an energy weapon which can change form in order to combat the various enemies you will encounter (some are shown in the Kickstarter video). There doesn't seem to be any media which shows the skill/weapon improvement mechanics but this is something that we will probably see more of in future updates I assume. There is also emphasis on the explorative nature of the level design, but I appreciate that it's difficult to see this without showing a large portion of uncut gameplay footage.

There is enough media on this Kickstarter to show that a lot of work has gone into the development, although they are only approximately a quarter the way through. Despite what this small team has achieved over the last year working part time, they have stated that without this funding the project cannot continue. A sad fact, one which I hope they will retract if the Kickstarter is unsuccessful because far too much work has been done to simply cast it aside.

Onto my thoughts of the Kickstarter itself: considering the goal is $55,000, I am curious to know how this money would be used as it isn't broken down on the page. After Kickstarter fees, and the costs of moving to Unity, this money won't go very far to pay the full-time wages of the developers and collaborators for a 2016 release. Despite this problem (which is mainly out of concern for the developers) and one other criticism, this is a well presented campaign and I hope that over the next 28 remaining days we see some more updates and content. The other criticism I mentioned is simply the English grammar HOWEVER the developers are from Valencia, Spain (I've been there - it's lovely!) and we shouldn't penalise them for this, I mean I've made no effort to learn Spanish have you?

Artwork is frequently given as a backer reward and more often then not I'm generally not bothered, but this is a rare occasion where I would actually appreciate a physical book of drawings (although it's a fair bit of money for that tier). It's also one of the highest tiers, but one reward is to have your face in a steampunk advertisement in the game. Which is cool if you have the cash.

At the time of writing there are 28 days left and $1,678 invested in Izzy's Revenge. Go take a look at the links below. Reminder: it's steampunk... Steampunk is cool.-oP


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