Monday, 30 March 2015


Here is the first entry of my written log. My adventures in the black of space have already been numerous, however now is not the time for dwelling on the distant past. I have some video logs in production of my exploits as a freelancer since leaving Sol and corporate employ, but as it stands I feel compelled to begin a companion written log where video is less suitable. In brief, my time alone in space has been fruitful and... educational to say the least.

Recent events in Lugh fighting for the Federation have given me a new perspective to consider. Prior to my involvement in the war, I had considered myself a Federation man. Not 100% on board with all policies - but generally my allegiance was solid and without question. Everything changed this week, as the president in her... incompetence, allowed innocent civilians to die. Inaccurate intel resulted in the destruction of a convoy of refugees instead of the Crimson State Group's leader and most trusted lieutenants.

Upon hearing the news I retracted my hardpoints and left the system; I needed time to think. I owe my life to the Federation, but now I'm considering the possibility that my allegiance has been misplaced. Perhaps I owe my life to the individuals who helped me, rather than the Federation itself. This is a story for another time, but to underline my thoughts: I question my actions in Lugh. 

As a freelancer, I reserve the right to find employ wherever the money is appropriate and so the recent announcement from The Alliance of a colonisation programme has compelled me to take some time alone in the blackness of space and appreciate the unknown. My combat bonds from Lugh should allow for the purchase of an Asp Explorer, and so I shall begin my journey to find brief solace amongst the stars soon. Perhaps then I will be able to find a level head, and decide on which course to plot next.

My Viper has performed beautifully and has been reliable in combat. Difficult battles have resulted in me successfully fleeing by the skin of my teeth, but I put this down to my ship (and a little bit of luck). As I have yet to name any of my ships, I felt that it was appropriate to name my vessels as per their exploits and achievements. It feels more meaningful that my vessels, or rather temporary homes, have earned their names by proving themselves. I hear-by name my Viper as Fortune. Unfortunately my time in the war has made me realise that the viper's usefulness has begun to wane. Combat with superior vessels such as the Vulture is no longer feasible without support from a wing. I wont be retiring Fortune but I will need to consider purchasing a more appropriate ship for war in the future.

As a final thought: here is an interesting CMDR I met in my travels... If I meet more... creatively named individuals I will most likely post them here.

Thank you for reading CMDRs. For now, farewell. See you in the unknown.


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