Monday, 11 May 2015

YouTube Channel Update

So various things have been going on recently. I have access to a new PC and so recording games has been easier for me, however I have halted progress on some let's plays for various reasons. 

Firstly the release of the remastered Homeworld meant that I decided to stop that series as I wouldn't have finished it in time and Silver is on an old PC that I'm no longer using (it's an original copy). If people would like to see me continue Silver as it is a lot of fun then please let me know and I will try to get it running or I'll get a copy fromm I don't yet own the re-mastered Homeworld but it's on my list, however quite a lot of channels did full play-throughs instantly (and I'm not a day one let's play kinda guy!). If it's requested then I will consider returning to it (although this may be more suitable on my new space-related channel).

As for Dark Souls due to the strange yet continuous instances where my external soundcard and mic's connection kept dropping in Elgato, my soul (lol) has been crushed a little bit by how much progress I can't use! I have 2 or 3 bosses recorded with no commentary; I suppose I could do commentary in post but I need to use time as efficiently as possible. If I return to it then there will be a short montage of what bosses I fought before I continue to the Depths or Blighttown (won't that be fun!). So if you want me to continue then tell me, if not then I will probably do a Dark Souls 2 playthrough when I get a PS4 and it would be ace to have people jump into the game and assist me along the way whilst I perhaps stream it?

If anyone has any suggestions for some long plays they may want, channel collaborations etc then let me know! Twitter might be the best place for that @outlandishpixel. Currently I'm trying out some MOBAs and Heroes of the Storm is next on my agenda. Jazzpunk was the start of an 'Avin' a Bash' playlist where I just try out indie games without playing them all the way through, but if Jazzpunk amuses you then I may finish that.

Finally I have started a dedicated channel to my play-through of Elite: Dangerous, an epic space sim MMO, so please go and check that out if you're interested: CMDR-outlandishPIXEL. The game is about to get LOADS more interesting with the 1.3 release so I'm looking forward to doing more videos.

Thanks for reading guys, I do these channels for my own pleasure in my spare time but it is nice to know what my subs think! -oP

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