Monday, 4 January 2016

Not A List Of New Year Gaming Resolutions 2016 - Honest

I'm not going to list a standard selection of self-delusional goals (how pessimistic of me to say!), instead I'm going to list some self-delusional gaming-related achievements instead! Yup, there's no way I'll complete some of these as ironically I spend less time playing games despite being totally focused in starting a career in the industry! From morning to night, my time is spent developing myself through my personal game creation and creative content, but I need to change the way I operate this year!

1. Separate my 'work' and 'play' time more efficiently. A definitive window of time needs to be set for me to enjoy the ton of games I own (thanks steam sales). 

2. Stream more - something I briefly dabbled in before Christmas. It's more relaxing and ultimately less time-consuming then regular Let's Plays because there's no editing to worry about. Just play, record and upload - if it's rough around the ages then no one cares. I can also chop up the footage and create a shorter video from a two-hour stream if necessary. The important thing is I can just enjoy a game whilst also developing my YouTube channels - plus being able to interact with other people is fun!

3. Efficient YouTube videos. My Elite: Dangerous content will consist of one heavily edited short film a month, more ship build videos (which seems to be the most popular kind of video I've produced on my channel) and a restart of my narrative series. The important thing is to keep high production values whilst being efficient, and my new audio interface will help with that a LOT. Up until now, I had an annoying set-up with multiple computers which has resulted in poor audio quality because my old hardware isn't compatible with Windows 10. Now I don't have to worry about this, and audio should be free of digital distortion - an issue which has resulted in throwing out quite a few videos after recording them multiple times. The software I'm now using should allow for better use of templates and will speed up editing time.

4. Focus on a game! I tend to struggle with sticking with one game at a time until completion, because my normal play-time is so disjointed and irregular. Having a Steam library with so many options doesn't help either! At the minute I am casually playing a Total War game as I enjoy slow-paced turn based games and don't want to sink time into a mobile strategy title, but I have finally got a PS4 with five games to start off with... oh dear. Over the years I've had to leave quite a few games by the wayside simply because I don't have the time for them all. Great RPGs such as Ni No Kuni sit on my shelf unfinished, and getting back into a game isn't helped by having to spend precious time re-learning mechanics. I haven't even finished Skyrim, a game I bought on day-one, although I have sunk 200 hours into it (yeah, I'm a side-quest completionist). Dark Souls 2, Fallout 4, MGSV: The Phantom Pain, The Witcher 3 and Star Wars Battlefront - oh boy: two big RPGS, one re-playable action-RPG, an open world stealth game and a multiplayer time-sink. Elite: Dangerous is my long-term MMO game of sorts and since I have a channel dedicated to it - it's here to stay.

5. Expand my second channel. This is currently focused on Elite: Dangerous gameplay, but I want to start other space-themed game or two. My current thoughts are Space Engineers and No Man's Sky. Space Engineers would most likely involve creative mode builds as this would be the most efficient video to produce and I feel like this would interest people the most. No Man's Sky would be a more casual explorative series as I make my way to the centre of the galaxy.

6. Complete my current game and software. I have a card/board game in development and it's been hanging in limbo as I have been focused on other things. It's just a simple game which will be free on, but I need to get it into a working state so that I can move onto another project. I don't expect to make any money from my games, but I do want to get more under my belt. My other project is a tool for sound engineers, which whilst being a niche product, is something I think is worth selling. It's very close to completion too, I just need to focus and push for the end zone! After this is done I can begin my next game and continue developing myself!

7. Most importantly get a job in the industry. My ideal job would be creating game-related video content for a YouTube channel. I have the technical skills and project experience (plus it helps that I do this in my spare time anyway). Since I create my own games, I would love to work with a developer or publisher in some capacity in production, media, community or QA and develop my skills further. It's got to be in London though - that's where my partner is!

So that's the plan... let's hope I stick to it! What's yours? -oP

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